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Flower Power

Flower Power

Antioxidant//Fat Burner//Mood Improving

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Designed to showcase the delicate flavor and subtle magic of these romantic flowers. Dragonwell green tea base aids in making this floral blend truly powerful.

Health benefits include but are not limited to:

Organic Dragonwell Green Tea-  One of the highest concentrations of green tea antioxidants which combined with its naturally occurring high caffeine content allows your metabolism to work much faster, therefore aiding in weight loss! Burn fat and build muscle while absorbing all of the amazing green tea benefits. Lowers cancer risk, protects your heart, cleanses the blood, strengthens the circulatory system, unblocks blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. 

Organic Rose Petals - Contains antioxidants and is known to repair cell damage. Helps lessen anxiety and depression and improve ones mood. Promotes the production of collagen and helps hydrate and tighten the skin. Chock full of vitamin C and helps reduce inflammation. 

Organic Lavender - Typically used for relaxing the mind and body. Mood balancing, healing for the skin and soothes chronic pain. 

Organic Jasmine - The name Jasmine is derived from the Persian word Yasmin, meaning “Gift from God”, with its flower held highly sacred in India and the Himalayas. Improves ones mood, helps with coping with stress, and aids in relaxing the mind and body. Aids in alleviating anxiety and depression.  

For Spiritual Use:

Rose Petals - love, psychic powers, divination, luck & protection

Jasmine Petals - Heightens spiritual awareness, induce prophetic dreams, divination

Lavender - Protection, purification, happiness and peace


* Intended for intentional use by responsible individuals.

*None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA and it is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition.

*As always, please talk with your healthcare provider about any herbs you are considering.

*Not for use in pregnancy or by lactating women.

*All of our ingredients are Kosher and some are USDA Organic. All are sustainably and ethically sourced

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